Acceleration Group enables mission-driven organizations to identify and capture critical opportunities to gain momentum. We help clients:

  • Deepen their impact on target markets and communities
  • Build innovative, effective models that transform outcomes
  • Identify and maximize potential for evolution and growth
  • Distill vision, transform operations and build critical capacity
  • Identify and forge powerful partnerships within the ecosystem
  • Align organizational stakeholders behind actionable strategy


Strategic Planning

Our approach is distinctly holistic, pragmatic and transformational. We focus our clients’ mission, values, and objectives and align these with the needs of the clients’ constituencies. We evaluate the external landscape to discover opportunities for differentiation, identify cross sector partners and forge the path to leadership in the market.

Executive and Leadership Development

We provide our clients with executive management training to unlock and engage leadership potential, drive performance and build an innovative organizational culture. Our focus is on building the capacity of change agents in today’s innovation ecosystems to help businesses grow, economies strengthen and communities thrive.

Growth Management

Experienced guidance is essential to a successful business growth lifestyle. As we help clients formulate strategy, we enable leaders to get the sequence of interventions right. This means aligning organizational structures, resources, systems and processes to each stage of the lifecycle.


Turnaround and Corrective Action

Acceleration Group works on behalf of parent organizations and funders to turn around underperforming divisions and beneficiary organizations. Our engagements combine attention to financial performance with a focus on the mission of the organization, the morale of personnel, and the possibilities that open up as the turnaround process completes.

Training and Capacity Building

We help build the capacity of our clients to execute on strategy by delivering specialized training in entrepreneurship, business growth, organizational development, executive leadership and board governance.

Change Facilitation

We work with companies, nonprofits and communities facing Acceleration Moments, and help them engage the ecosystem to fulfill their potential. Our facilitation energizes executives, boards, division leaders and key partners to create powerful platforms to advance the organizational vision.

Spotlight on Facilitating Change


“I have had the opportunity to work with Acceleration Group and would highly recommend them as a savvy, sophisticated and experienced team. They deeply understand innovation management and the processes of working with business owners to generate growth and profit.”


“The team at Acceleration Group led the development of the strategic plan for RBSCC, and what they accomplished in one year is simply amazing.”


Corporate Innovation

Amidst the hype and pressure to be innovative, it is possible to overlook high-value opportunities in the haste to make minor advances and safe bets. Acceleration Group not only helps its clients envision means of generating greater and more meaningful impact, it also forges connections with stakeholders across sectors. This brings more resources to bear in tackling intractable problems in markets and society while ensuring the long-term sustainability and relevance of organizations.


Inclusive Economic Development

We enable our clients to transform the quality of life in their communities. We do this by working with organizational leadership to clarify vision, innovate, set course and execute on mission. Our engagements deliver impact for public, private and social sector organizations in the US and abroad.

Financial Empowerment

We train financial counselors in organizations working with underserved communities. Our innovative approach was initially developed for the New York City Office of Financial Empowerment and adopted nationally by Cities for Financial Empowerment (CFE). Through intensive training, financial counselors master money management, credit, consumer rights, bankruptcy, student loans, counseling and coaching skills, negotiations and other topics. They then apply their newly-acquired knowledge through our experiential learning model simulating real life scenarios. Over a dozen cities have replicated the program across the United States.

Social Impact for Ventures

We generate impact by helping the executive leadership of private, public and social sector entities to think clearly through problems, set goals, develop strategy, and build management capacity to execute. The results are innovative solutions, transformed organizations and unprecedented impact on target markets.