At Acceleration Group, we work with mission-driven organizations to deepen their impact and capture critical opportunities to gain momentum. We do this through two major approaches: facilitating bottom-up innovation, and advising strategy for change. If you’re interested in working with us, please contact us to set up a consultation, and we’ll provide you with a personalized proposal that describes what we can do to meet your needs.

Bottom-Up Innovation

Bottom-up innovation is our specialty. It’s a method for producing innovative ideas by going to the people who are closest to the problems, barriers, challenges hindering growth, and asking them for their solutions. We have a wealth of experience implementing this method, and we’ve seen it work time and time again. Bottom-up innovation is a sound strategy for gaining a competitive edge through constant improvement and for fostering employee engagement by involving them in the organization’s growth.

Program Design and Toolkits

After years of experience facilitating groups of students, community members, employees, and executives, we know how to ask the right question and provide the proper structure for sourcing innovative ideas from people at all levels of an organization. Many of the best ideas come from the people who come face-to-face with common problems every day. Our program designs and innovation toolkits will prime your organization to reap the benefits of bottom-up innovation.

Leadership and Culture

Beyond programs and toolkits, organizations have the power to sustain innovation by creating a culture around bottom-up innovation. Strategic shifts in leadership style, management tactics, company values, and communications can encourage an organization’s members to continually imagine and attempt new solutions, programs, and ventures. The potential for gaining and maintaining a competitive edge through innovation is already in your team, and we can show you how to unleash it.

Program Facilitation

We’ve led and contributed to dozens of venture competitions and entrepreneurship courses, and we’ve learned what it takes to bring ideas into reality. Through close collaboration with leadership teams, facilitation of program events, and group workshops with participants, we can provide the structure and guidance to take a vague concept and transform it into a concrete execution plan.


Oftentimes, budding innovations need intensive support in order to maximize their impact. Our team knows how to nurture a concept’s strengths, identify its weaknesses, and work with its creator to turn it into a feasible project that merits funding. Intensive acceleration is the best way make the most of bottom-up innovation, and when it comes to acceleration, we are some of the best.

Strategy for Change

Our strategies are best suited for ambitious organizations seeking to transform their industries, particularly those committed to positive social change. Our strategic plans and management tactics equip leaders with the knowledge they need to introduce innovations or “disruptions” that improve their organizations’ market positions and challenge incumbents fighting to preserve business-as-usual. If your organization is at an inflection point, or if it’s prepared to make a transformative move, we have the expertise to help you step confidently and maximize your impact. And we do this while bringing the personal touch and flexibility only boutique consulting firms can offer.

Strategic Planning

From grand strategy to brand strategy to strategies for program and investment portfolios, we know how to develop comprehensive plans that accomplish our clients’ goals. Our approach is holistic and pragmatic. We bring together our clients’ mission, the needs of the their constituencies, and the pressures of the external landscape to discover opportunities and lay out the steps for taking advantage of them.

Leadership Development

Through workshops, coaching, and focused consultation, we provide our clients with executive management training to maximize their leadership potential. We focus on developing key leadership skills to drive performance across an organization and equip it with the vision, drive, and aptitude to become a leader in its industry.

Growth and Change Management

Whether caused by internal growth or change in the external landscape, some moments in an organization’s life cycle (moments we call, “Acceleration Moments”) have the potential to radically affect its future. If managed properly, these moments can have tremendous upsides. Our team has the expertise to analyze these moments and prescribe actions that position our clients to enjoy the greatest payoffs.

Turnaround and Corrective Action

We work on behalf of our clients and their funders to turn around underperforming divisions and beneficiary organizations. Our approach combines attention to financial performance with a focus on the organization’s mission, the personnel’s morale, and the possibilities that open up through the turnaround process.

Above, we’ve outlined our services in some detail. If you’re interested in working with us, please contact us to set up a consultation, and we’ll provide you with a proposal describing what we can do to meet your needs.