Pushing Sustainability Forward

Eban Goodstein, the Director of Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability, recently wrote on what makes a successful Sustainable MBA program. Dr. Goodstein argues that the classic, academic measure of peer-reviewed faculty publications doesn’t necessarily lead to a robust program aimed at sustainable solutions for business. Instead, he writes, by building a faculty of sustainable business leaders, that real-time experience will fuel the next generation of sustainable solutions aimed at changing the world for the better.

One of the faculty members mentioned in Dr. Goodstein’s piece is Acceleration Group’s Managing Director, Alejandro Crawford. As the program’s Entrepreneurship Professor, Alejandro and the Acceleration Group team implemented the RebelBase platform to power Bard’s Disrupt to Sustain Competition, the program’s annual pitch competition. See the results of this year’s competition on RebelBase.

To read Dr. Goodstein’s piece in its entirety, click here, and to learn more about RebelBase, visit its home here.

Pushing Sustainability Forward

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